Black Shorts (Generic)


Various brands, image purely for illustration.  This item is purchased from a variety of manufacturers so the sizes shown reflect how the manufacturers describe their product’s sizes.

Got any preloved school uniform you don't need?

Please donate any preloved school uniform which is in a good enough condition to be used by another child to the WSA pre-loved uniform shop.  We will wash it and make it available for purchase on our online shop.  It’s a win for everyone if you donate used school uniform:

  • Another parent gets to buy a piece of uniform below it’s price when new, saving money!
  • You get to avoid clothing ending up in landfill, helping the environment
  • The WSA raises some money for Waddesdon School benefiting all current and future students

How to donate used school uniform

If you have any school uniform you’d like to donate to the preloved uniform shop then please bag it up and take the uniform into the school reception marked for the attention of the WSA.

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